Wedding Announcement Party


      We were asked to decorate for a Bride and Groom’s Family “Wedding Announcement Party” to be held at the Bride’s family home.  It was to be an intimate gathering for the two merging families and the couple’s Wedding Party.  The Bride has chosen to have a Destination Wedding in December.  Her colors are white, cream, ivory, blush and a pop of curry.  She loves simplicity and understatement but with a twist of the unexpected.  Lengths of double-faced satin ribbon in the Bride’s colors were gathered together and cascaded down from the Dining room chandelier.  We also hung lengths of the same ribbon from the small upstairs outdoor balcony.  The soft evening breeze kept them fluttering over the main patio table all evening.

     The garden in which we planned seating for about 40 for dinner is the most beautiful you can imagine.  It is full of blooming hydrangeas, roses, hostas, a koi pond and so many gorgeous flowers we knew much of our work was already completed.  What we wanted, was to add a beautiful, simple setting among the flowers.  Tables outside were set with pink, white or curry colored tablecloths.  The centerpieces were simple arrangements of white hydrangea, pink orchids, and a  few ripening blackberry stems arranged in clear square vases.  We scattered a few seashells and somewhat curry-colored stones around on the tables to reflect the Wedding destination.  As guests arrived we directed them to the rose garden on the north side of the house to select a glass of wine or iced tea.  A fountain strewn with roses from the garden and tuberose blossoms gently gurgled.  For those more inclined to a less formal drink, two beer kegs, bottled waters and favorite sodas were set up on the south side of the house among the succulent frames, tomato vines and pots of herbs.  There were Adirondack chairs set up, a weber grill (cooking the pork loins for dinner) and a hot tub. (not open for the party)!  We added some white birch logs, colorful paper lanterns in the surrounding trees. Bright sunflowers were placed in a watering can on the table just for fun.  We wanted this side to be more “campy” since the Bride and Groom are avid outdoor afficianados.  Later, this side would also be the setting for late night S’mores roasted on the hot Weber coals using our own hand-whittled  ”Janie & Co” roasting sticks! 

     It was a beautiful evening; the weather could not have been better and the  honored Couple seemed relaxed and happy to stay late into the night enjoying their families and close friends.             

                                   And so it begins for this Bride and Groom!


Well, while sitting here tonight trying to add a “Tip post” but without a clue as to what to  suggest, my thoughts started running with party ideas but without a scheduled reason to party!   Ever feel you’d like to do a table setting with orange and pink, or maybe  red and yellow, but those colors just don’t work in your home . Maybe you want a big striped tent and no room in the house to create it.  

So its time to take the Party Outside……there are no restrictions. Late Summer in Seattle is a perfect time for friends to get together in the yard. You can use any and all the colors you ever wanted. Rent a tent or create your own tent with inexpensive fabric.  (Seattle Fabrics and Joanne’s carries yardage as low as $1.00 - $2.00 a yard).  The world outside in the garden or on the patio has NO limitations.  The sky is the limit. So go ahead dare to do what you have always wanted to try!  

 I’m thinking maybe I’ll have a few girlfriends over I haven’t seen in awhile.  The weather is suppose to stay clear so we’ll have it outside and I’ll use colors I’d never try in the house.   

 Stay tuned for pictures!!

                                 xoxo Janie & Co.

Lunch for the Bridesmaids!

      We arose to a beautiful clear morning and it was  time to celebrate the Wedding party (and Moms) before the Bride’s BIG DAY.  We decided to feast in the back yard under a black and white tent stretched overhead to keep us from burning in the hot sun.  Sarah had selected monogramed bags holding a Pashmina and the most darling bright bowed thongs for each of the four  bridesmaids.  A  specially chosen necklace was presented  to each of the two Mothers.  Our table was set with a casual burlap cloth and the theme of black and white with punches of color adorned it.  The menu consisted of couscous and cucumber salads and yummy chicken-filled croissants. For dessert we had fresh berry scones and just for the fun of it rice krispie treats (made with bright colored trix cereal!)  We all enjoyed either white wine or raspberry lemonade.  It was all delightful.  We played music, ate heartily and talked excitedly about the upcoming event.  A perfect afternoon!

Remember to put Saturday December 1st 2012 on your calendar for the Association for Catholic Childhood Holiday Tour of Homes.  Talk about places to see great ideas for decorating and Party Planning, its a treasure trove of Inspiration!   Watch our Blog  for details.  

Wondering what happened to us?

Where do we start?


 One of us got married! 

One of us became a Grandmother! 

One of us got engaged!

 One of us made a career change! 

   Now we’re back blogging at the beach!



Una fiesta para la novia

A celebration for the bride.  This bride happens to like tequila.  Most do.  Especially during the month approaching their wedding.  We are planning an epic Cinco de Mayo celebration for la novia.  I can’t give too much away, but I guarantee a festive and beautiful interpretation of Mexico’s Día de los Muertos.  We crafted these insane invitations…

This Bride also happens to be a member of Janie & Co. so we had to out source some of the work as to keep all the surprises a secret.  Thanks to Pat and Kelley for all their hard work and creative input.  

Be sure to check back for pictures after the party.  Think bright, think delicious, think tequila.


knock knock

Who’s there?  Opportunity, that’s who.  

This picture was taken wandering through the wine caves in Porto, Portugal. Sometimes there’s barrels of wine on the other side of the door.  That’s okay too.

a piece of cake

It most certainly wasn’t, but it was loads of fun. The party was scheduled to start at 1pm and we met at Janie’s at 9am to finish decorating and tie up several loose ends. There were also a few trips to pick up several dozen balloons, a third of which popped…accelerating our final course of pre-party action - a champagne toast to celebrate our first official event.

Marian looked beautiful - calm but eager, youthful but polished and perfectly showcasing her gorgeous baby bump. We happily welcomed her and the other delightful guests. The afternoon proceeded as anticipated with highlights being a deliciously tart adult beverage titled “Get Loose Juice” (a variation of Marian’s spiked lemonade), a variety of silly baby-themed guessing games and several pairs of the most adorable baby shoes.

Who knew baby shoes could be so cute?  This could be a problem for those adults who…ahem…already have a shoe shopping problem.

We all flexed our culinary and baking muscles in honor of this event and delivered a notable collection of treats.  

The Get Loose Juice was served in vintage glass milk bottles. And to remind ourselves of the kids we all use to be, enjoyed big, shiny gumballs.

At the end of the party we sent everyone home with a pink rose and a chocolate dipped Oreo secured with a ribbon and attached to one of our business cards. If you can measure success in leftover m&m’s and empty milk bottles, I’d say we’re well on our way.


hey baby

We are gearing up for our first official event as Janie & Co.  A baby shower for a very special person - as it also happens to be her birthday. We couldn’t be more excited to celebrate the upcoming birth of Janie’s first granddaughter and the birthday of the lovely mother-to-be, Marian.

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to come back for pictures from the shower. Guaranteed to please.